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Helper for Risk Game of Thrones app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 6080 ratings )
Utilities Entertainment
Developer: MindsLab S.A.
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 22 Jun 2017
App size: 13.47 Mb

Playing this Risk board game has never been easier. You just need to throw the dices and enjoy the game.

* see how many armies and gold you get in each turn, NO MORE MATH AT EACH TURN :D

Others features include:
- Choose between 2 to 7 players, and set a name for each one if you like.
- All types of games are supported: Skrimish, Dominion and World At War,
- Step by Step game
* see how many armies and gold you get in each turn
* reminders to trade territory cards, and to buy maesters/objective cards
* select the territory you want to invade, and confirm the invasion if you were able to pull it off.
* do a maneuver
* automatic reminder to take a territory card at the end of your turn if you completed an invasion.

At any given time you can open the Status Screen to see:
- how many Skrimish and Victory points each player has.
- Controlled territories, castles and ports
- Controlled regions, points for each controlled regions and how many territories owned in each region.
- Conquered territories, castles and ports in the turn.
- Conquered territories grouped by player
** The best of all, you can share this info in real time with the rest of the players and the world using the Share option, that way each player can plan their strategy.

For Skrimish Games
- Select the number of players, the territories are assigned automatically to each player (no need to do it manually)
- See how many Skrimish points each player has at any time of the game. Then when you see the Valar Morghulis card you can declare the winner easily.

For Dominion Games
- Select the number of players, assign the territories, one at the time, to the players.
- Button to add completed objectives / victory points; and automatic reveal of the game winner when 10 points are completed.
- See how many Victory points each player has at any time of the game.

Note.. All Objectives can be monitored using the app, except these 3 (so keep an eye for them):
- Destroy # opposing armies in a single turn
- Control 1 knight, 1 Siege Engine and one Fortification
- Control 1 port on each costal area.